1938 – A List of Miners Killed and Injured in the Disaster

Source: Evening Telegraph & Post

The disaster on the 10th May 1938 at Markham Colliery, killed 79 and injured a further 38 miners. The first list below is the 79 miners killed in alphabetical order. The second list is the 38 miners injured in alphabetical order. The 79 miners killed are being commemorated as part of the Walking Together project, which will commemorate all 106 miners killed at Markham Colliery in 1937 (9), 1938 (79), and 1973 (18). So far, 61 miners have been commemorated. The full list of the 106 miners to be commemorated can be found here and the date of commemoration.


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Surname First Names Age Occuptation
Alberry Henry 46 Contractor
Allen James 25 Contractor
Atkin Leonard 53 Contractor
Bann David 54 Contractor
Bell Albert 33 Road Layer
Bluer Walter 41 Ripper
Bown Charles 28 Contractor
Bradford John Henry 46 Ripper
Bray John Arnold 34 Ripper
Bray Samuel Frederick 20 Haulage Hand
Brough Herbert 63 Shot-firer
Brown Arthur 18 Pony Driver
Brown John Thomas 26 Timber Drawer
Buckley George Cyril Foulds 40 Contractor
Carter Arthur 40 Deputy
Commons John William Watson 33 Contractor
Cowley George 38 Contractor
Davidson George 51 Contractor
Frost Walter James 47 Contractor
Furniss Alfred 39 Road Man
Garland Alfred 52 Timber Drawer
Geary Joseph 55 Detaller
Gee-Pemberton Colin 30 Belt Hand
Grainger Ambrose 41 Road Repairer
Grainger John William 47 Road Repairer
Grainger Robert Emlyn 21 Road Repairer
Gregory Bernard 34 Timber Drawer
Gregson Robert 36 Contractor
Hadley John William 32 Contractor
Hardy Joseph 37 Contractor
Hargreaves Herbert Snr 48 Contractor
Hargreaves Herbert Jnr 27 Contractor
Hargreaves Leslie 23 Contractor
Haywood Wilfred 36 Ripper
Henson Arthur 45 Ripper
Hibbard Joseph 52 Timber Drawer
Hill Clarence 29 Belt Hand
Hudson Henry (Harry) 26 Gate-end Loader
Jacklin Lawrence 28 Contractor
Jackson George Henry 43 Contractor
Jones Enoch 21 Contractor
Jones Frank 33 Haulage Hand
Jones Thomas 49 Contractor
Keller Leonard 26 Belt Turner
Kerry Samuel 20 Haulage
Kirk Roe 60 Contractor
Lamb Alfred 26 Road Layer
Lavender Harry 39 Ripper
Lievesley John William 46 Deputy
Lilley Joseph 30 Road Repairer
Linathan Felix Leonard Adlington 48 Contractor
Lodge Stanley 40 Belt Erector
May Arthur 59 Contractor
McConnon John 26 Rope Greaser
Monk Fred 60 Timber Drawer
Palmer Clarence Cyril 39 Contractor
Pether George Edward 30 Ripper
Pickering William 24 Haulage Hand
Richards Mark 31 Ripper
Rodgers Albert Ernest 19 Haulage Hand
Roper Arthur 61 Contractor
Rowland James Stanley 34 Contractor
Salt Samuel Edward D 41 Deputy
Sherwin William Henry 64 Engine Driver
Silcock Clarence 42 Ripper
Simms Robert 57 Contractor
Smith Frank 26 Belt Trimmer
Taylor Fred 53 Contractor
Taylor Harry 33 Belt Erector
Wale Herbert 40 Face Timber Drawer
Wallace Benjamin 29 Road Layer
Watson William Wilkinson 58 Contractor
Whelpdale Denton 39 Contractor
Whelpton William Edward 32 Rope Greaser
Whitehead Redvers Baden 37 Shot-firer
Whitley George 43 Ripper
Williams Matthew 36 Contractor
Wood Robert Henry 22 Haulage Hand
Yates Thomas George 38 Timber Drawer



Surname First Names Age Occupation
Bagshaw Joseph 27 Belt Turner
Banner Henry 40 Timber Drawer
Bluff George William 50 Timber Drawer
Boden Jesse 29 Belt Turner
Brown John James 51 Timber Drawer
Bullock Thomas Henry 46 Timber Drawer
Clarke Alec 44 Timber Drawer
Clarke Oliver 42 Timber Drawer
Clarke Thomas (Tom) 57 Timber Drawer
Colledge Willie Desmond 28 Ropeman
Cuttell William 38 Timber Drawer
Davies Rowland 45 Timber Drawer
Edwards Tom Edward 34
Edwards William 23 Timber Drawer
Evans William 59 Timber Drawer
Fox Thomas 61 Timber Drawer
Grainger Thomas 34 Contractor
Greaves James 43 Timber Drawer
Hartshorn Samuel 20 Haulage Hand
Hodgkinson Arthur 43 Contractor
Kirk Joseph 36 Road Layer
Linathan Donald 28 Timber Drawer
Marsden Joseph H 44 Contractor
Monk Kenneth 29 Belt Turner
Oakden Walter 46 Deputy
Poyser Horace 44 Timber Drawer
Quayle Charles 24 Stallman
Roberts Robert 23 Turner
Singleton Fred 35 Belt Turner
Slack George Herbert 49 Contractor
Smith James Alfred (James) 32 Belt Turner
Smith Albert 57 Contractor
Smith Thomas 49 Timber Drawer
Stevenson William 27 Contractor
Williams Thomas 57
Waterfield Arthur 63
Watkinson Thomas Christopher 38
Williams Thomas 57
Yarnold Philip 42