1938 – Alberry, Henry (Harry)

Alberry, Harry

Alberry, Harry

1938 – HENRY (HARRY) ALBERRY,  Contractor, 46

Henry Alberry of 6 Clowne Road, Stanfree had worked at Markham for two years having transferred from Oxcroft where his brother Albert was killed in 1933.  Henry and his friend, Denton Whelpdale, were both Contractors and worked in the pit together.  They always ‘walked together’ to the pit as both lived in Stanfree.  On Tuesday, 10th May they should have been on the dayshift starting work at 6am but every alternate day  they started work at 4am to have an early finish and so were in the pit when disaster struck.  Henry left his widow, Beatrice and daughters Iris and Pearl.  He was buried at Clowne

Henry was commemorated on the 4th December 2015.  The location of the artwork can be found in zone 4 on the trail map which can be downloaded here.


Family History (Researched by Paul Burkitt):

Henry Alberry was born 9 December 1891 in Clowne. His parents were George Alberry (1865 – 1933) and Ruth Mallen (1869 – 1926). They were living at 14 High Street in Clowne. On the 1901 Census, Henry aged ten, was living with his parents and siblings on Church Lane in Clowne. His father was employed as a hewer. George was attending the Clowne Board Mixed & Boys School. He had started school in 1898 at the age of seven. On the 1911 Census, Henry aged 19 was living with his parents and six siblings in Stanfree. Henry was employed as an underground pony driver. His older brother, Albert (1890 – 1933) and slightly younger brother, George, were also employed as underground pony drivers. Albert was killed in a mining accident in 1933 at Oxcroft Colliery.

On the 26 December 1916, Henry married Beatrice May Rodda (1895 – 1984) in the Chesterfield registration area. Henry and Beatrice had three children: Iris May, Pearl and Ivor. Henry was employed as a contractor as the time of the disaster in 1938. At the time of the accident Henry and his family were living at 6 Clowne Road, Stanfree. Henry was a registered reader of the Daily Independent, which entitled his widow to a pay out from the insurance policy.


Funeral – Saturday 14 May 1938.

Henry was buried in Clowne cemetery, since Stanfree did not have a cemetery. The Sheffield Independent reported the following –

“The combined service in the church and at the graveside was conducted by the Rector, the Rev. A.B Gordon, the surplice choir being in attendance. At the close the exhortation was recited by Mr T. Bateman, chairman of the local Legionaires, and buglers of the Oxcroft Colliery Ambulance Division sounded “Last Post” and “Reveille”. Afterwards a muffled peal was rung on the church bells. All village shops were closed during the afternoon.”


ALBERRY – Treasured memories of a dear husband and dad. HENRY ALBERRY, Stanfree.

 Killed Markham Disaster. May 10th 1938.

Our hearts still ache with sadness,

Our eyes shed many a tear,

God alone knows how we miss him,

As ends the first sad year. 

                                                                                 From his loving Wife and Children, Iris, Pearl and Ivor.


Researched by Local historian Sandra Struggles:

Henry Alberry and his friend Denton Whelpdale were ‘contractors’ and worked together in the pit. They both lived in Clowne Road, Stanfree, Henry at number 6 and Denton at 87. They always ‘walked together’ to the pit. On Tuesday, 10th May they should have been on the day shift, starting at 6 a.m, but every alternate morning they started at 4am to have an early finish. This day was one of their early starts. Henry Alberry had been at Markham for 2 years having transferred from Oxcroft where, 5 years earlier his brother Albert was killed. Henry was a cycle racer and had won many trophies. He left a widow, Beatrice and two daughters, Iris and Pearl. He was 46 years old and was buried at Clowne. His friend Denton Whelpdale left a widow and four children, Eva, Esme, Denton and Zilpha. Denton was 39 years old and was buried at Bolsover.


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