1938 – Keller, Leonard

Source: Derbyshire Times

Derbyshire Times 13th May 1938

Leonard Keller (26), 15, South Street, New Whittington, had been married for three years. The happy event of their first baby, born three weeks ago and christened last Sunday, emphasises the sorrow of the young wife. Keller, after receiving shock in the last disaster in January 1937, said he would never go down the pit again, but like most miners his fears were soon forgotten, Recently he had hopes of securing employment as a motor driver. A native of Eckington, where his parents still live, Keller was formerly a keen cyclist, being captain and secretary of the old Eckington Blue Bird Cycling Club. Later he became a motorist, and had arranged to take another of the dead men, Colin Gee-Pemberton, of Renishaw, to Skegmess in a week’s time.

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