1938 – Jones, Frank

Source: Derbyshire Times

1938 – FRANK JONES, Haulage Hand, 33

Frank Jones of 39 Cavendish Street, Staveley had been married for only a year.  He left his widow, Bertha and a young daughter.  He was buried at Staveley cemetery.

Frank was commemorated on 10 December 2020. The location of the artwork can be found in zone 7 on the trail map which can be downloaded here.You can watch a short commemorative film here.


Sheffield Independent 11th May 1938

Cavendish Street, Staveley , is sadly hit by the disaster. Frank Jones was married only for a year ago and has a young child. His wife went to the pit early when she heard of the accident. returned home at lunch, and in the afternoon went back with a flask and food for her husband whom, she was confident, would be found. She would not leave the pithead without definite news of him

Derbyshire Times 13th May 1938

Frank Jones, married, 39 Cavendish Street, Staveley, was married to a daughter of Mr W. H. Fern, C.C., a former chairman of Staveley U.D.C.  She hurried to the pit on hearing of the explosion, and was relived by the news, given to her on the way to the colliery that her husband had been seen going home on a bicycle. She returned home to find that he had not arrived and went back to the pit with food and drink in the hope that he would make his appearance alive and well. Hours passed as she kept anxious vigil, receiving no news of her missing husband. His name was not amongst the early published list of dead. neither was he in hospital and, like many others, she returned home still cherishing a flickering hope. On Wednesday the truth was gently broken to her. There is one child.

Research by Sandra Struggles:

Frank Jones died aged aged 33 years old and was buried at Staveley.


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