1938 – Hudson, Henry (Harry)

Henry Hudson (known as Harry) lived at home with his parents. He had worked at Markham for about 12 years and had been on the night shift for 8 of those years. He was a ‘Gate-end worker’ the loading end of the conveyor belt.


His father Mr George Hudson waited at the pit all day asking if there was any news of his son. Three times he cycled home to tell his wife there was no news. As he waited he made a list of the clothes his son was wearing when he went to the pit. The list included a postman’s waistcoat and a cream and black striped shirt. At 5 pm he went to claim Henry’s bicycle and sent his younger son, Horace, home with it. The news came – Henry was dead. His brother identified him. He was 27 years old and was buried at Brimington.

George Hudson article Sheffield Star newspaper 11th May 1938 Close up George Hudson article Sheffield Star newspaper 11th May 1938

Article Sheffield Start newspaper dated 11th May 1938.

Derbyshire Times 13thMay 1938

Harry Hudson, son of Mr and Mrs G. C. Hudson, 6 Grove Lane, Brimington Common, was aged 27 years. He was a native of Brimington Common and worked at Markham Colliery for 12 years. He was employed on the loading end of the conveyors, and for the past eight years had been on the night shift. He was interested in local sport, and was a member of Brimington Common Sports cricket team. He was identified at the colliery by his brothers on Wednesday.


The artwork dedicated to Harry was unveiled in July 2020 in Zone 2, see the map here. You can watch a short commemorative film here.


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