1938 – Gee-Pemberton, Colin

Source: Derbyshire Times

Sheffield Independent 11th May 1938

At 13 Barbers Row, Renishaw, Mrs. Colin Gee-Pemberton was being consoled by neighbours. Married six years, she has two daughters and is expecting a another event in a few months’ time. Several of the neighbours said number 13 had proved once more to be an unlucky one. Her father-in-law told our representative that last week Mrs. Gee-Pemberton told him of an awful dream she had had of seeing her husband brought home on a stretcher. Since then she had dreaded to think of the future and was always pleased when her husband was at home. Mr Gee-Pemberton had been employed at the Markham Colliery for 11 years and would have celebrated his 29th birthday today. A former footballer, he had served a full period in the Sherwood Foresters Territorials.

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