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Source: Barlborough Heritage and Resource Centre


Firstly a rural farming community its workers have witnessed the Industrial Revolution with the development of the railways and canals, the growth of coal mining known to have been mined around the village for over 500 years. The major mines were, Barlborough, Oxcroft (formerly Barlborough), Cottam and Southgate. Many of the Barlborough miners killed at Markham Colliery in 1938 had previously worked at these pits, before being transferred to Markham Colliery. The 1938 Markham Colliery was a devastating blow to the village when ten miners were killed and seven were injured on the 10th May 1938.  Nearly 100 Barlborough miners were killed in mining accidents and are currently being researched by the Barlborough Heritage and Resource Centre. The youngest was ten years old.

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The Barlborough miners killed in the 1938 Markham Colliery disaster are

Atkin                     Leonard      (53)   High Street, Barlborough .                Married.       Children: 6

Bown                     Charles       (27)   Romiley Cottages, Barlborough.      Single.           Children: 0

Davidson               George       (51)   26, Council Houses, Barlborough    Married.       Children: 5

Gee-Pemberton   Colin          (30)   13, Barbers Row, Barlborough.         Married        Children:  3*

Gregory                 Bernard     (34)   High Common, Barlborough.            Single.          Children:  0

Hibbard                Joseph       (52)   California, Barlborough.                     Married.       Children:  2

Kirk                        Roe           (60)  2, West Crescent, Barlborough.         Married.      Children:  2

Lodge                     Stanley      (40)   Low Common, Barlborough.             Married.      Children:   2

Smith                     Frank         (26)   New Bungalows, Barlborough.          Married.      Children:  1

Taylor                    Harry         (33)   Westfield Cottages, Barlborough.     Single.          Children:  0

*One born after the disaster.

The Barlborough miners injured in 1938 Markham Colliery disaster are

Bagshaw,   Joseph                  (27)     Cottam Terrace, Barlborough.

Bullock,     Thomas Henry    (46)     Brayside, Barlborough.

Clarke,      Alec                        (44)     17, Occupation Road, Barlborough

Clarke,      Oliver                     (42)     High Street, Barlborough.

Greaves,    James                    (43)    10, Council Houses, Barlborough

Smith,       James Alfred        (32)    2, Occupation Road, Barlborough

Williams,  Thomas                 (57)     Sutcliffe House, Barlborough


The Nottingham Journal, 16th May 1938, reported the funeral which took place on Saturday 14th May 1938.


At the neighbouring village of Barlborough ten of the eleven victims were interred in one large grave, which was lined with ivy.  They were:Row Kirk, Leonard Atkin, S. Lodge, Joseph Hibbard, Frank Smith, Bernard Gregory, George Davidson, Charles Bown, Harry Taylor and Colin Gee-Pemberton.

The eleventh victim, Edward Salt, a colliery deputy, who resided at Poolsbrook, was buried earlier on Saturday in a grave adjoining that of his father (who was killed at the Crown colliery some years ago) in Barlborough churchyard. The Rev. G. W. Ready, vicar of Duckmanton, conducted the service. Bearers were provided by the Markham Colliery ambulance division, in charge of Sergt. F. Greaves, V.C.

Salt’s ambulance cap was buried with him

Fr. Gregson conducted the service for Leonard Atkin, who was a Roman Catholic, and Canon E. G. Walmsley officiated at the funeral of the other nine.


Source: Barlborough Heritage And Resource Centre