1973 – Sissons, Charles Leonard

Derbyshire Times.

Miner Mr Charles Sissons did not want to to work on Monday as he was still recovering from the tragic death of his friend at Markham the week before. His wife Elizabeth told our reporter: “he said to me on Sunday night that he did not want to go down the pit on Monday. It was the death of his friend.” Seven years ago Mr Sissons had a thumb badly crushed in an accident underground and had to give up coal-face work. His friend, Mr Stanley Young, of 26, Mayfield Drive, Hepthorne Lane, Turton died of head injuries after being hit by a heavy roof support. Badly injured in the cage crash was his nephew, Mr. James Reddish, of 87 Lansdowne Road, Brimington.

Mr Sissons was a member of Birdholme W.M. Club and Chesterfield Miners’ Welfare. He is survived by two daughters, Carol (15) and Lynda (22) and four year old son, Antony.


He was the grandson of Charles William Beddingham who was crushed by tubs at Markham Colliery in November 1930. The inquest on the death of Charles William Beddingham is on the Inquests Page.


The commemoration took place on 22nd September 2016. The location of the artwork dedicated to Charles can been seen here. Zone 4


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