‘Workers in Coal’ – Song by Steve Haywood


Musician Steve Haywood – “All of my songs have been inspired from my own experience of working down the mine, but also from the stories & discussions within the family who from Grandfather, Father & Uncles spent their working lives at the Markham Pits. Spoken of through laughter & tears these stories that are passed around even today will not be forgotten.”

” ‘Workers In Coal’ – This was our heritage, spanning so many generations and touching so many thousands of us. Looking back I remember these people, these families as much for their kindness and their impish sense humour as their steadfast courage and endurance.”

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Lyrics – reproduced here with kind permission of Steve Haywood.


Workers in Coal

Here’s where our forefathers worked all their lives

Smoke from a hundred chimneys would rise

Snap tins were passed with a whispered goodbye

As they were making their way to the mines


(Chorus) …….

Streets like the rivers ran down to the sea

Of thousands of men on their way to the deep

Echoing boots roused the village from sleep

The workers in coal on the way to the seams


A cupful of sugar a quarter of lard

Laughing and joking around the backyards

Sharing their lives over low garden walls

Through hard times and good, through the rises and falls




Crown bowling trophies and footballing cups

Take from the mantelpiece polished with love

Pigeons still flying formations above

But the Greyhounds don’t race anymore




Train ride to Skeggy with all of our mates

Open top bus through the Miners Camp gates

In the ’53 floods they went down from these streets

Helping the homeless, protecting the beach



Workers in coal on the way to the seams…………………