Villages – Duckmanton


Duckmanton grew in size with the development of Markham Colliery in the 1880’s.

In September 1882 the Derbyshire Times reported on the financial results of Staveley and Iron Company.  The report mentioned the following;

They have arranged to lease for 63 years the coal in the Sutton and Duckmanton Estates  adjoining Staveley Parish, the property of W. Arkwright, Esq., containing a surface of upwards of 5,000 acres. The terms of the lease have been approved by the Court of Chancery, and the company, having obtained possession, have made a railway to the site of the pits, and are making the necessary preliminary arrangements for sinking a  the pair of shafts into the top hard coal. It is intended to press this work forward with the utmost vigour.


Miners killed in the 1938 disaster.

Allen               James                                  (25)     151, Arkwright Town, Duckmanton.     Married.   Children: 1

Bradford        John Henry                        (46)     16, North Crescent, Duckmanton          Married.  Children: 2

Brown            Arthur                                   (18)     56, Poolsbrook Road, Duckmanton      Single.    Children:0

Brown           John Thomas                       (26)     29, Orchard Row, Carr Vale                   Married.  Children:1

Carter            Arthur                                   (40)    7, North Crescent, Duckmanton            Married.  Children: 2

Hargreaves   Herbert Snr                          (48)    5, North Crescent, Duckmanton.           Married. Children: 3

Hargreaves   Herbert  Jnr                         (27)     5, North Crescent, Duckmanton.           Single.    Children: 0

Hargreaves   Leslie                                     (23)     5, North Crescent, Duckmanton.          Single.     Children: 0

Jacklin           Lawrence                              (28)     2, West Crescent, Duckmanton.           Married.  Children: 2

Lavender       Harry                                     (39)   67, Poolsbrook Road, Duckmanton.      Married.  Children:4

Lievesley       John William                        (46)   4, North Crescent, Duckmanton.           Married.  Children:4

Linathan       Felix Leonard Adlington    (48)  58, Poolsbrook Road, Duckmanton.       Single.     Children: 1*

May               Arthur                                    (59)   45, North Crescent, Duckmanton.          Widower. Children: 10

Roper            Arthur                                    (61)   Highfield, Rectory Road, Duckmanton.  Married  Children:4

Watson         William Wilkinson              (58)   36, South Crescent, Duckmanton.           Married.  Children:2

Williams       Matthew                                (36)   2, Markham Road, Duckmanton              Married.  Children:2

* Adopted





Miners Injured