Mrs Sophia Taylor’s Story – Reproduced from The Star Newspaper

Walking Together Memorial - 1938 Miner's Tag

Walking Together Memorial - 1938 Miner's Tag.

Researched by Local Historian Sandra Struggles:

Reproduced from the ‘Star’ Newspaper (date unknown)

Mrs Taylor wife of miner Fred Taylor who died in the 1938 disaster, told the Star reporter –

“We had planned to go to Lincolnshire, my home County in July”. They had saved up to have the time of their lives. Not long ago she went to Skegness alone. “I could not get away from my memories there, this thing goes too deep to ever be forgotten”. She said “The night before that of the accident my daughter and I were awakened by a knocking. We could not trace what had caused it and on going downstairs my husband’s dog howled persistently. I told my husband about it when he came home in the morning. He laughed and said I was just superstitious. Next night the knocking came again from the same place and at the same time – one o’clock in the morning. Next morning the bus he should have come up from the pit in was empty which was strange. I went to the pit but he never came. Later, I had to identify him.

To Mrs Sophia Taylor of Staveley Road, Poolsbrook, the loss of her husband seems but yesterday but the grief is as fresh as ever.

Mrs Sophia Taylor, “Nell, his dog fretted so much we had to have her put away. She used to run to the window and watch for the bus. We had a caged bird – it never whistled again. One thing I vow, my fifteen year old boy will never go down the pit.”



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