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1937 – Roddy, Frederick

Derbyshire Times 29th January 1937 Frederick Roddy (25), 51 Poolsbrook Road, Duckmanton, leaves a widow, but no family. Born in Mosboro’, he went to live […]

List of all miners killed at Markham Colliery

The development of Markham Colliery started in 1882, when the Staveley Company leased 5,000 acres of coal reserves on the Sutton Estates from William Arkwright. […]

Markham miners remembered with memorial unveiling (21 July 2017)

Baggaley, Edward  (34)       Stallman.    1937 disaster Furniss, Joseph      (28)       Stallman.    1937 disaster Geary, Joseph   […]

1937 – Markham Colliery Disaster

On Thursday 21st January 1937 at 2.45 pm an explosion happened just when the men were changing over from the day shift to the afternoon […]

1937 – A List of Miners Killed in the disaster

Baggaley         Edward Cadywould     Leonard Cauldwell       William Henry Furniss            Joseph Marsden   […]

The 106 Disaster Victims

1937 Disaster Edward Baggaley (commemorated 21/7/17) Leonard Cadywould (commemorated 4/12/15 ) William Henry Cauldwell (commemorated 4/12/15) Joseph Furniss (commemorated 21/7/17) Ralph Marsden (commemorated 21/7/17) Charles […]