1973 – Turner, Charles Richard

Source: Derbyshire Times

Derbyshire Times 3rd August 1973.

Charles Turner, aged 60, of 29 Brook Street, Holmgate, Clay Cross, had worked in the pit all his working life. He was a deputy. He leaves a son who is married and serving in the Army in the South of England. A telephone call was put through to his unit and today Mr, Turner’s son is expected to travel back to Derbyshire. Mr Turner was a keen gardener.

Researched by Local Historian Sandra Struggles:

On Monday night, 30th July, Mrs. Gladys Turner had planned to go out to visit friends for a cup of tea and a chat. But at around two 0’clock in the afternoon, Coal Board officials came to her door to tell her that her husband would not be coming home. Mr Turner was 60. He had been in mining since he was 14 and started work at Oxcroft Colliery. He had been at Markham for just four months. He leaves a son. Said his widow: “When you go to sleep and wake up and think. “Is it really true? That’s when it hits you.” Cremation is this morning at Chesterfield.


The location of the artwork dedicated to Charles will be in Zone 2, see the map here.


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