1973 – Eyre, George

Source: Derbyshire Times

1973 – GEORGE EYRE, Gearhead Attendant, 60

George Eyre of 56 Hoole Street, Hasland had been a miner for forty-six years.  He went to work at Markham after he was made redundant at Williamthorpe Colliery.  He left his widow, Gladys, three sons and four daughters.  Two of his sons worked at Markham and one, Terry, also worked at Markham and was underground when the tragedy happened.  George was cremated at Brimington and his workmates carried his coffin.

George was commemorated in July 2020. The location of the artwork can be found in zone 9 on the trail map which can be downloaded here.

 You can watch a short commemorative film here.


Derbyshire Times 3rd August 1973.

Sixty-year-old. Mr. George Eyre, of 56 Hoole Street, Harland, was made redundant two years ago with the closure of Williamthorpe pit – but went back into the industry after being out of work for more than six months. His son Terry was underground at Markham when the tragedy happened. He did not go to the bottom of the pit shaft but when home to tell his mother that his father was dead. Said Terry, of 314 Derby Road, Chesterfield, a married man with a family: “It really makes you wonder what’s it all about. My wife wants me to give up the pit, but we need the money like everybody else.” Mr Eyre is survived by his wife Gladys and a family of three sons and four daughters. One of his sons also works at Markham.


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