Interview with Ellen Watson – William Wilkinson Watson

Researched by Local Historian Sandra Struggles:

Reproduced “Star” Newspaper May 1938 – Contributor Mrs Ellen Watson (wife of William Wilkinson Watson who died in the 1938 disaster)

“Mrs Ellen Watson, whom I talked to at her home in South Crescent, Duckmanton, just up the hill from the pit. Her 58 year old husband William Watson was a victim as also was her nephew. Now Mrs Watson lives in her house alone, she has been there 12 years this month. ‘I have been away at different times since I lost my husband,’ she told me ‘relatives thought it would help so I went to Blackpool and Nottingham but I was glad to come back here where my husband and I were so happy. My two sons live not far away, one in the village and another at Arkwright. They often visit me and I have many kind friends.’ ‘It’s 23 weeks since it happened – nearly 6 months but it seems like 60 years. Sometimes I feel like breaking down but I will not let myself, one just has to be brave and fight against it.’ ‘To forget is impossible but I suppose time will make it a little easier to bear. I shall Winter in this house and see how I feel about moving next Spring.”