1938 Henry Alberry & Denton Whelpdale

Researched by Local historian Sandra Struggles:

Henry Alberry and his friend Denton Whelpdale were ‘contractors’ and worked together in the pit. They both lived in Clowne Road, Stanfree, Henry at number 6 and Denton at 87. They always ‘walked together’ to the pit. On Tuesday, 10th May they should have been on the day shift, starting at 6 a.m, but every alternate morning they started at 4am to have an early finish. This day was one of their early starts. Henry Alberry had been at Markham for 2 years having transferred from Oxcroft where, 5 years earlier his brother Albert was killed. Henry was a cycle racer and had won many trophies. He left a widow, Beatrice and two daughters, Iris and Pearl. He was 46 years old and was buried at Clowne. His friend Denton Whelpdale left a widow and four children, Eva, Esme, Denton and Zilpha. Denton was 39 years old and was buried at Bolsover.