1937 – Cadywould, Leonard

Source: Derbyshire Times

Derbyshire Times 29th January 1937

A native of Barrow Hill, Mr Cadywould had lived at the home of his wife’s parents, 43, Poolsbrook, for the past two years. Before that he lived at 2, Furnace Hill, Barrow Hill. From his school days he was a lover of sport, having been a member of the Barrow Hill Juniors’ and Charity Football Clubs and Markham No 1 Blackshale Cricket Club. He played with the Blackshale “Afternoon Haulage” cricket team which defeated the “Electricians” in the “Knock-out” match in the 1935 season. Ill-health prevented him from taking part in outside sport last season. He had been employed at Markham No. 1 Colliery since he left school, and was a very popular workman. He leaves a widow and two children, aged six months and two years. The interment at Staveley Cemetery on Tuesday was preceded by a service at Barrow Hill Ebenezer Methodist Church. The Rev. W.A. Goddard officiated.


Family History researched by Paul Burkitt

Leonard Cadywould was born in Chesterfield in 1916. His parents were George Albert Cadywould (1886 – 1937) and Maud Elizabeth Waddoups (1890 – 1977). He was the fifth of nine children. In 1934 he had married Elsie May Russell (1915 – 1991). They had two children:

                                       Keith    Cadywould         (1935 – )

                                       Dennis Cadywould         (1936 – 1997)

At the time of the disaster in 1937 he was employed at Markham Colliery as a ‘Cutterman’ and was living at 43 Old Village, Poolsbrook, which was the home of his wife’s parents.


Leonard was commemorated on 4th December 2015.   The location of the artwork dedicated to Leonard can been seen here. Zone 1

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